While we were shooting this beautiful couple Divya+Yaswanth, we began to wonder; when we have some thousands of important moments that happen throughout our lives, why is MARRIAGE regarded as the pious one?!
Why only this moment?
Perhaps because it’s the great unifier - A celebration of love, of commitment, of friendship, of family, and of two people who are in it for forever. Heartfelt wishes and age-old rituals validate this event in the presence of family and friends. It brings profound joy and demands great responsibility, awareness, and commitment.
As Yaswanth and Divya were taking the first step of their new beginning; their new life together, there we were to freeze their moments of joy, into memories beyond frames and beyond time!
Their enthusiasm is contagious, there was a sweet, child like charm in both of them through all of it and we must mention the authenticity with which every ritual was performed! Just so amazing! The simple yet very elegant décor stole the show blending with the smile of the lovely set of humble parents, happy family and fun friends... The merriment and satisfaction was unmissable!
The certainty of their destiny together is inspiring and their great expectations give us a glimpse of the heights love can reach. With Love as their foundation, may they become their essence with one another where they can safely learn about themselves in the presence of another.
Here is what we wish for this beautiful couple: may the vision they have of one another always reflect the electric attraction that first brought them together. And we pray that, as they enter into the lifelong bond, may they always see one another in the light of all light; the light of love!

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