I remember asking a friend who was having an arranged marriage, what the whole process feels like, how it feels like to marry someone who you know so little about and he simply smiled and said “It’s the same kind of love; in one, you fall in love and then get married and in the other, you get married and then fall in love, one day at a time – and it’s magical!”
How wonderfully described, I had thought.
And voila! I witnessed one such love story blooming between Vidya and kalyan during their wedding celebrations!
The beauty of this arranged marriage started from the day Vidya and Kalyan along with their families decided that yes, he/she only can be my soul-mate. From that day onward, love between would-be husband-wife began to unleash like in those teenage love stories, where everything is beautiful, Vidya finds Kalyan the most charming man in this world and Kalyan sees Vidya as the most graceful woman he could have ever met!
Their excitement was increasing as the time was coming close for the BIG DAY – and whoahh, how jubilant they looked! The décor was done to light-up the heavens and their smiles outshined all the lights put together… Vidya looked stunning in her classy English-purple kanjeevaram and Kalyan totally complementing his bride in this royal-blue sherwani. There was so much of graceful ease between them, in their body language, their eye-contact and the way they looked at each other saying a million things through eyes!
For a moment, they look into each others’ eyes and and make a silent conversation… Vidya smiles in a certain way, as if she is asking the groom ‘how do I look?’ and Kalyan smiles back in way that says –“Like an angel!” She thinks if he will say something more and then realizes that maybe this is the real beauty of an arranged marriage. You never say anything to each other- you only feel!!
In their marriage love came first. It came, not just from any attribute or quality in each other, but from a deep and unshakable sense of belongingness. When seen through the prism of this love, every quality, trait or action appears beautiful!
When you see Vidya and Kalyan, you know it’s the kind of divine love wherein you love someone because they’re yours! This is perhaps the closest that worldly love can get to being unconditional, and is the strongest bond that can exist!
We are sure this beautiful union will evolve day-by-day and there will be innumerable occasions where these two, while they have their early morning love-bird talks, will say to each other is that “I could not have loved you more if it were a love marriage.”!!

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