All of us need love and desire to be loved; and the most alluring form of love between two people is a consistent and a committed relationship.
Mounika ❤ Vijay; their unfading tale was about to begin: Septemeber 30th 2017 – Carnival Club:
Friends and Family Mounika Vj , our gorgeous bride and Vijay, the very handsome GROOM, had gathered together to celebrate the very special love between the DUO… Although we describe love in different ways — and though love can seem different from one person to the other — we all know it when we see it.
And we see it here…
Not only do they love one another romantically – and they do, you can see it in every look, every touch, and every moment they’re together – they also love one another as friends… In fact, they’re best friends, constantly chuckling and mocking and teasing and very noticeably having fun together and we instantly know that it is this love and enjoyment of each other as individuals that will nurture this marriage. In addition, the love conjointly from friends and family will help uphold and support the promises they made.
Here’s what we wish for you Mounika+Vijay – 
A serene environment to share lives together, standing hand-in-hand to face life, an eternal bond that will expand you as individuals, define you as a couple, and deepen your love for one another and strength, courage, patience and a really good sense of humor � So, let your marriage be about waking up each morning and falling in love with each other all over again!!!
Marriage celebrations in our culture are an opportunity for us to share not only in the joy of BRIDE and GROOM’s love but also to reaffirm and appreciate the love and the friendship we experience in our own lives. We are happy that THIS is our job and we are the happiest coz we could freeze these lovely moments!

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