All the weddings are heaven made for sure, but there is something ethereal about Indian weddings:
1. It’s a bond not just between two people but between two families and a whole bunch of dear ones… It never fails to surprise us how two people come together and bring along a lifetime of new bonds and meaningful relationships; a little bit more so in arranged marriages! 
2. It’s not just about a day’s celebrations but a few blissful days beautifully strung together with intricate and very meaningful rituals…
It is these things that make Indian Weddings a treat to experience and capture in frames of eternity… We consider ourselves lucky for being able to witness this not just once or twice but ever so often…
This video is our attempt to showcase snapshots of Prashanth and Shruthi’s journey of togetherness with tid-bits of various elaborately planned pre-wedding events and the gala wedding performed at Shubham Convention -it was an absolute spectacle to capture… moment by moment!
Beginning from Haldi scenes to the super grand wedding day, the bride and groom’s smiles reflected pure beaming joy! Guess that’s what Love does – pretty much creates a halo!! 
Every single detail was taken care of: How the bride and the groom looked, straight from heaven, the bright, sunny and glittery colors and patterns, the very beautifully co-ordinate decor blending tradition and trend, the eloquent hospitality, never leaving a single guest unattended… every tiny ritual was followed - not compromising on the FUN! Oh, it was all about smiles, splendor, and joy… nothing short of a fairy tale!
Hope you all enjoy watching this as much as we did, while capturing these moments… Here’s to Prashanth and Shruthi – a blissful life together!

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