Beyond Frames was founded by two passionate brothers. Art and Story are the two thing that have ever made sense to us. Image embraces a moment and offers it again. At Beyond Frames, we love to click candid shots because they capture the fondness in exchanged glances, the giddy excitement of a bride-to-be and the delicate peace of a newborn as it sleeps. Through our photographs we want to narrate most valuable moments. Over the last several years we are grateful to capture amazing moments. We specialize in weddings, fashion, commercial, fine art & portraits. At weddings we feel honored to be present as you begin your life together. For us it’s all about connecting with people and telling their stories. Our team is truly blessed for everything that has come our way, the best part is that we love what we do, and it never tires us. We hope that our photographs will capture a time in your life that you’ll treasure for the life time. We hope they serve as reminders of love, laughter, family, friendship, warmth and moments you wish to relive over and over. That’s our goal!
Eshwar Manikanta
Before I was a photographer, I travelled around the country when I was a teenager which made me fell in love with photography. Later, I studied photography to obtain required skills to perform the job in a right way. I have also learnt that perfection isn’t always best, I believe real and raw beauty that surrounds us is much more beautiful. Being Authentic self Is perfect in my perception.I love adventure, creativity, traveling, spontaneity and inspiring others.
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